Portland based folk artist Jeremy Ferrara has been writing songs and playing in bands since he was in 6th grade, but he truly found his voice as a solo artist in the DIY scene of Santa Barbara, CA. In between studying physics at UC Santa Barbara, Ferrara frequented shows in spaces like the Biko Garage and found an inspiration there he lacked in his studies: “Seeing touring bands string together shows in tiny garages on basically no budget inspired me in a strangely deep way” Ferrara says. “To most people that type of lifestyle seems rough and unappealing, but to me it made more sense than anything else I saw around me. There is something profound in that type of dedication to music. It’s the same thing most of us are searching for, something to give our whole selves to. I think it can be anything — a career, a family, a partner — and it will probably change through life. For me, right now though, it’s music.”

After releasing three solo EPs over the past two years and months of touring throughout the US and Europe, Ferrara's debut full length album is set to be out in early 2020. The new album, recorded and produced by Bart Budwig at the OK Theatre in Enterprise, OR, will feature a full band and a much more expansive sound.



1. isn’t it

2. outside my mind

3. nothing is perfect

4. take care of it


Shining Garden

1. shining garden

2. ourselves

3. afraid to say

4. lonely

5. cities with life

6. two rooms


A Part

1. at your feet

2. backwards

3. just for holidays

4. check my pulse



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photo by  Elie Katzenson