What good is a song if it doesn’t make you feel something? Jeremy Ferrara knows this, and refuses to waste a minute of your time. His staggeringly sincere songs are made to wash 10-foot waves of emotion over listeners. Much like the sea, Ferrara’s music is deep, complex, and full of life. His unique songwriting style features unabashed poetic professions of his most vulnerable moments and intimate inner thoughts. Sometimes sorrowful and slow, other times content and forward-moving; Ferrara’s debut full-length album (Out in early 2020) finds him inviting us to follow along as he wanders through a broad spectrum of feelings.

Though he’s been playing in bands and experimenting with his talent since the credulous age of 11 years old, it wasn’t until Ferrara went away to college that he was able to fully realize his love of musicianship. While studying physics at UC Santa Barbra, Ferrara frequented thriving DIY music spaces like Biko Garage. These were more than just spaces for Ferrara though. It was in these intimate settings that Ferrara would forge his idenity as a musician and find his love for touring. A love that has carried him through 2 years of multiple tours throughout the US and Europe. A love that will again take him to Europe this November, as he tours opening for Erisy Watt.

While drawing inspiration from greats like Joni Mitchell, Conor Oberst, Adrianne Lenker, and Neil Young, Ferrara is still able to achieve his own distinct sound. His endearingly forthright lyrics are driven by modern indie hooks paired with timeless, tender, folky sounds. Open tunings and fingerpicking are sprinkled throughout Ferrara’s works, giving them a classic and comforting sort of twang. His forthcoming album calls on the techniques of his folk predecessors and was first tracked on the stage of a 100-year-old theatre over 3 and a half days in the tiny mountain town of Enterprise, Oregon; before full band features like keyboard and pedal steel were later overdubbed.

At the heart of Ferrara’s work, you will find… well, Ferrara’s own heart. His open-hearted songwriting lays all to bare and takes no shame in doing so.



1. isn’t it

2. outside my mind

3. nothing is perfect

4. take care of it


Shining Garden

1. shining garden

2. ourselves

3. afraid to say

4. lonely

5. cities with life

6. two rooms


A Part

1. at your feet

2. backwards

3. just for holidays

4. check my pulse



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photo by  Elie Katzenson

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